Make a Glass Candle Curve or Glass Wave

A class where you can make your own unique and beautiful glass wave for yourself or as a gift, for someone else to treasure. They are perfect as a stand alone item or you can place a candle behind them and let the light shine through

Suitable for complete beginners as well as those who’ve caught the fused glass bug!

You will have up to 2.5 hours to create your masterpiece, some people will finish more quickly than others.

In this workshop you’ll create your own design on a pre-cut flat piece of glass. I will inspire you with lots of ideas, including some of my own work which will be on display in the workshop.

The glass is 24cm x 10cm. I will show you some basic cutting techniques to create your shapes, and give you tips on how best to get the finish you would like.

Your masterpieces will be fused and shaped in my kiln and will be ready for collection on the dates specified in class.

The picture is an example of what you can make, but its up to your imagination

Make a Candle Curve or Glass Wave- Thursday 22nd September 2022. 6pm - 8.30pm
Make a Candle Curve or Glass Wave- Tuesday 9th August 2022. 6pm - 8.30pm
Make a Candle Curve or Glass Wave- Wednesday 13th July 2022. 6pm - 8.30pm