Glass Pot Sticks ‘Potties’

Mushroom Potties

Come and make yourself, or someone else, five glass ‘Potties”.  

‘Potties’? Potties you say???

No not the training ones for children!  These are pot sticks that you can place in your plants in the home, patio pots or in the garden. I have some in the garden that have been there for years.

These classes are ideal for beginners or for people who have caught the glass bug!

You will learn to cut glass first and then move on to cutting your own designs.  

I have examples for you to look at get some inspiration. You can decorate them with a variety of additional globs, confetti, paint or fritto make then unique for you.

Sessions are 3 hours long this will give you plenty of time to create five or your own special pieces… you may finish earlier.

Come on your own … or bring a friend(s) and enjoy some creative fun together.

Your masterpieces will be fused in my kiln and will be ready for collection on the dates specified in class

If you wish to make an addition item, you will be charged on the day at £7.00 each. 

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