Commissions Gallery

Stained Glass Entrance

My client contacted me to make a new window over the top and to the sides of her front door. We worked together to find a design she liked, whilst in the studio she could also take a look at the vast range of glass available to her and decide on a combination of colours to suit her needs. This was the biggest window I had ever worked on being 1.8 metres long. Once I had built the three panels it was taken to a company to encase it into double glazing as the client had requested this. I had already sourced a Company to do this, so it was fitted into glazed panels and fitted into her lovely home.

The Mallard

In this case I was asked to make a window to go into the main bedroom of a beautiful house surrounded by stunning gardens and lake. The client was very specific with what design they wanted; we trawled the internet until we found something fitting. I have used the pattern in the glass, in a way to represent the feathers of the mallard and had to think very carefully how they would look.

Sunset Triangle

This client had an extension on her home and wanted the light from the landing window to filter down to her lounge. The stairway wall had an opening on it and so we designed and fitted this lovely sun burst into it. Because of building regulations this window had to be fitted into a double glazed unit with safety glass.