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Stained Glass windows are another passion of mine, please take time to have a look at the commissions I have created.  If you feel inspired and would like one of your own please contact me for a Free Quotation

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Stage 2

Once approved we will cut the glass,which can be of different textures and start to place it into the design that we have created for you.

Stage 1

From your instructions we produce a rough sketch of the design . This will then be sent to you via email for your approval. When approved we will colour the picture and also send it to you to be approved.

Stage 3

When all the glass pieces have been placed into the design, we would lead around the edges of the glass and solder the lead together. Once done we would cement the glass into the lead, to make it watertight, thus creating the finished product, which can then be encapsulated into a double glazed unit if required.

Would you like a Stained Glass Window

made especially for you?

I can make one to your specifications.

Once it is designed and built I can get it encapsulated into a double glazed window for an additional charge.

For more information, please call or email

The Finished Product

Your design transformed into a Stained Glass Creation for all to admire and you to treasure.

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