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Unique & Bespoke Glassware Designs

For All Occasions

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White With Heart

Each piece can be made in any colour combination to suit your décor.  You can find a colour palette for you to choose from by using this link.  Please be aware that colours may vary slightly.  If you require a bespoke item in your colours, please be aware that they can take up to two weeks to complete. These items would make lovely unique gifts for any occasion.  

Coaster Sets Cheese Boards Dishes Candle Holders And Bridges Sun Catchers Mirrors Recycled Bottle Products Christmas
Coasters Single Coasters £7.50. Set Of 4 Coasters £25.00

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Blackberry.JPG Blue.JPG Purple on White.JPG


Purple On White


Marine Swirl 1.JPG Lime Green Swirl 1.JPG Burnt Orange Swirl.JPG Green.JPG

Marine Swirl


Burnt Orange

Lime Green Swirl



Turquoise Green.JPG Red.JPG Turquoise on White 1.JPG

Turquoise Blue


Turquoise Green